OBF-224The Florida Youth Track and Field Association, Inc. (FLYTAF) is a Florida not-for-profit corporation. FLYTAF is an athletic organization that provides athletes the opportunity to compete in track and field events at both the local and national levels. Participants are male and female athletes ages five through eighteen primarily from Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. Many athletes travel from other counties within the State of Florida. Our organization provides thousands of young athletes the opportunity to compete in quality track and field meets that are geared toward enhancing their development in the sport. Many of the athletes in our program have qualified and competed in the USA and Amateur Athletic Union National Junior Olympics, based on the many hours of dedication and challenges they have endured. The focus of FLYTAF is not just to develop great athletes, but to also instill the values of hard work, morals, and discipline. The coaching and administrative staffs’ positive role modeling provides our participants with experiences which will transform them into tomorrow’s leaders or future Olympians.

FLYTAF is a volunteer organization that relies on community support to accomplish its program objectives. The scheduled athletic events will reach several thousand young people each year and provide them with supervised activities geared towards enhancing their development in physical fitness and positive mental discipline to achieve their goals.

The purpose of the Florida Youth Track and Field Association, Inc. is to develop a philosophy of life utilizing the tenets of good sportsmanship; promoting an active interest in government and civic affairs; inspiring respect for the law; promoting patriotism and work for international accord with friendship among all people; aiding and encouraging the development of youth in the belief that the giving of one’s self in service to others will advance community life and the well-being of man kind.